In Memory of
A Great Friend (JohnWillis)
John you're a special friend to all of us and we'll never forget your "boyish" smile and your charming wit. We'll miss you John, as I'm sure Goatass will miss his scraps too. But one thing nobody can take away is the memories. You'll always be in our hearts and thoughts.  We won't mourn your passing away, but celebrate bringing us all together because that's what it's all about. Friends and Family. We know you would have wanted it that way.  We love you. Cya at Katannas
Sir Charles


John's ashes were laid to rest Sunday afternoon. 
It was a touching moment and you could hear a pin drop when the helicopter came.

Captain Katanna's, family and friends would like to thank 
Bud Murray for giving John such a deserved burial. 
It's good to know John will always be close by.

Terry at the Dedication 

Larry at John's Dedicatiom

The Day After Storm

This rainbow looked like it was on his boat
Pictures of John
Click photo for enlargement

John with Marley, Georgia and Wally

John with that witty smile

John with George Bush

The Gang at Gizmos

Who's that girl??/

John sniffing tina's hair, he learned that from goatass

Hey, you talkin to us
J and Greg

John with doreen - is she serious or what?

Goatass the designated driver

Scurvies scurvying on the spinnaker "arrrrrrrr"

John sleep walking with Dennis

Disco John with Angel

Tina and john with barslave Chuck

The ladies man

John with goatass the alien dog

John looking formal with Larry and Diane


John as Kojak "Who loves yah baby"

John with the sexy Sanannah at Blues Festival

Hey Norton
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